Ron is very accommodating when it comes to scheduling and he understands dogs very well. He has a genuine enthusiasm and compassion for dogs and will train yours as if they are his own. The sessions were thorough and informative and even during the week when I needed assistance he was available through a text or call. He mailed me information on separation anxiety as soon as I requested help.

My dog, Roma, has benefitted greatly and I have learned so many new tools and techniques to help her be her best self. Roma no longer reacts uncontrollably to things that used to get her so riled up - the mail man, birds, other dogs. It takes work on my part but I now know what needs to be done for any encounter and feel closer to my dog than ever.

Elysha V., Fullerton, CA


I feel as if we have a different dog now.

If you want a well trained and well adjusted dog, you've found the right trainer. Ron is great to work with and teaches you many fun training games that really work to train your dog to do what he is supposed to do when he's supposed to do them. His training techniques use positive reinforcement and not fear so you and your dog will both enjoy the lessons.

Thank you Ron!

Dani G., Garden Grove, CA

Ron was great to work with. He uses gentle training techniques and is against anything that will harm your dog or make it fearful. He trains the humans just as much (if not more) that he trains the dogs so the techniques you learn can be continued at home. He also has very reasonable rates and is very willing to work around scheduling issues. He is very easy to reach by a simple phone call or text. Thank you Ron for aiding us in the journey to making our dog more comfortable with other dogs!

Sandra G.,Garden Grove, CA

Highly recommended dog trainer, look no further. My boyfriend and i adopted a German Shepherd/Husky puppy who was leash reactive, couldn't walk on a leash properly, and poorly behaved. Ron helped train our pup and us how to co-exist, and even taught us how to have fun in the process. Our pup can heal, and walk freely. He is in the process of being able to walk past strange humans and dogs without any trouble. So yay Ron yayyy!

Abby P.,Costa Mesa, CA

Thank you Ron for being such a great trainer for Major! He was such a quick learner but I think it was all due to your clear and consistent methods!

We trained with Ron on a one on one basis and he was always great about finding times that worked around my busy schedule.   I'm glad yelp led me to Dogwood because I now feel confident walking my black lab and having him behave in public! Looking forward to group sessions!

Angelica M., Los Angeles, CA


“My dog, Isabeau, a two year old rescue from an animal shelter, recently completed Ron’s Therapy Dog training and the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. Since that time, Isabeau has become a source of great joy to others. Isabeau provides a source of happiness, companionship, and love to people of all ages, as well as a calming source to those experiencing difficulties in their lives. When Isabeau wears her Therapy Dog vest, she seems to know that she has important work to do for others.

Ron’s love for dogs, his patient guidance of the human owners, and his extensive knowledge in the field of animal behavior and training is the entire basis of Dogwood Academy.

Ron, words cannot express the gratitude I feel toward you for helping Isabeau become the exceptional “pup” that she is.”


Sheba was a very aggressive dog towards other dogs. It got to the point where I thought I would have to get rid of Sheba because she was so aggressive. I was referred to the Dogwood K-9 Training Experience and it made a big difference. It has been over a year since our training with Dogwood and Sheba has become a new dog. Sheba is doing so well that at times, Ron uses her as a training dog for other aggressive dogs. I believe it is from following Ron’s training and working with Sheba three to four times a week. It is like any skill you wish to master; you need to do it often to get results. I would recommend Dogwood to everyone.


Before starting training with you, I was not sure how to deal with my “badly behaved boxer”. Riley seemed like such an unmanageable dog when I first got her. Thanks to you, Riley and I have a new relationship! You have taught me not only that she can be a good dog, but what a smart dog she is. By teaching me how to deal with a dominant natured dog, I have been able to gain her respect. I am able to understand her, control her, and have fun with her now. The best part is that you taught me how to use positive techniques, so she doesn’t even know she is being trained.

I am aware that I managed to fall in love with a cute boxer that has a dominant personality. Thank you for teaching me how to communicate with her. I highly recommend Dogwood to all dog owners. You are so good about making training fun, addressing the issues at hand, as well as working with realistic schedules of busy people. We always look forward to our weekly training!

Thanks again for all your hard work and see you soon!

Dr. Nicole Beaudet, Veterinarian And “Riley”

My pup, Bailey, and I have been in training with Ron for the past three years. During that time we have successfully passed the advanced level of training and enjoy the rewards of being a successful Pet Therapy team. Even though I have achieved my original goal I intend to continue working with Ron – his patience and encouragement have made all the difference in becoming a responsible pet owner.

Elise Craig